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It has come to my attention that Jinny is getting tired of hearing snide remarks because he resides in a purse, an accessory normally associated with women. Lately, in an attempt to prove his manhood, he has been leaving the purse behind as he journeys out into the cold, cruel world.

The dealers who supply the hands to make Mr. Jimny / The Thing can also supply ears, feet, and noses. The material belcw requires up to four feet and one hand.

The basic idea can be gathered from two feet and one hand. Hold your right hand palm up and place one foot each on your first and ring fingers

--toes up. Place a hand on your right pinky, palm down. Bend in your pinky and middle finger toward the right palm. Place your left hand over the right palm, covering the two bent fingers but allowing the two feet to extend frem belcw. If you will move the two extended fingers up and down you will get an eerie visual effect. Slowly pull your right pinky in toward your right wrist. It will come peeking out between the two hands and you can make it wave to the spectators.

For the adult version, you can start with the hands set up as above with an extra foot toe down on the right middle finger. Go all the way through the hand waving part with the extra foot hidden from sight beneath the left hand. Keep asking Jimmy to come out. He won't. Finally, straighten out the right middle finger and you'll have what is shewing in the illustration. "Whoops! I didn't realize you were not alone."

Regurgitations. If you can manage to secretly set up your right hand as explained above, you can combine this with the purse. After using the purse as explained in the last and current issue, switch in an empty purse per the instructions (#12). Your right hand is loaded and held in a loose fist. Pretend to dump the contents of the purse into the top of the fist. Casually flash the purse empty (and normal) as you drop it to the table. Your left hand returns to the fist and assumes the position described above.

One other thing, if you wish, you could have a head resting between the hands where the hand comes up to wave. Or, you could fasten it onto the empty second finger so it could make an appearance toward the end of the gag. With the head there, the audience appears to see all of Jimny except his torso. The head, one hand, and both feet are visible and functioning. Try this on kids or adults. Both find it amusing.


John Riggs

Effect. A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck. The magician asks for the name of the selected card. "But it can't be the five of spades. I've had the five in my wallet since May 7th." The magician removes a wallet. Inside, is the selected card. The magician offers to repeat in order to give the audience a chance to catch him.

A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck as before. The deck is replaced in its case and the case is pocketed. He removes his wallet again. He flips it open and asks for the name of the card. When it is named, he starts flipping through the wallet saying, "Ace, two, three...", giving the impression that he is looking for a duplicate of the chosen card from among several that he has in his wallet. Suddenly. "Ah, here it is!" The wallet visibly changes into a huge duplicate of the chosen card. How huge? The prop is made out of an Insurance Policy.

The work. The card to wallet is such a strong effect, it is nearly impossible to follcw it with a card trick. (Unless it is one from The Trapdoor.) However, this sets them up for a repeat of the miracle. Then it yanks the carpet out from underneath them.

The construction of the wallet is shown in the illustrations. All you need is some black vinyl or black contact paper, some black vinyl tape, and a Magicians Insurance Policy. The prop takes about five minutes to make and is easy to work. (After making it, you may find some weights will make it open out quicker.)

When folded, it appears to be a Himber Type wallet. It is accordian pleated so that when you hold the wallet by the top of the card, the rest of the card will instantly open up revealing the card. And, the same action that reveals the card, conceals the wallet behind the card.




This item can stand alone for those that don't do the card to wallet effect. If you want to combine the two, start with both in your inside breast pocket. Construct your Card Wallet to resemble your Card to Wallet wallet in color and design as much as possible. Do your regular routine. Replace the real wallet in your pocket and proceed as described above.

Regurgitations. This is a funny routine and I can see a lot of possibilities with it. It takes a strong routine and makes it even stronger by adding humor and by making it visual.

I like to use the routine as a follow-up the the Card To Wallet. I put a large scribbled "X" on the face of the insurance policy. When I reveal the change, I follow with, "I know this is your card because it has your signature on it." Pause a few moments for the chuckles to subside. Then, "Let's give Mr. (or Madame) X a round of applause."

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Fundamentals of Magick

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