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This is one of the most novel card gimmicks I have run across. You can make one up for about four dollars or you can make up a hundred for a total of fcwr dollars. It's by Greg Eanes of Charlotte, N.C. and is published here for the first time. At present, Greg is working on a new book which will be mentioned here whan published.

Go to the local hardware store CWilliston Hardware & Supply on East Main St.) and ask for clear silicone sealant. Mine is produced by Dow Corning. A three ounce tube costs $2.95 and ccxnes with a twenty year limited warranty. The way I read it, if your gimmick dries out or cracks within the next twenty years, you can return what's left of the sealant for a replacement tube. (Why would you want to replace something that didn't do what it said it would in the first place?) Any way, I'm saving my receipt.

Place a small dab on some wax paper and smash it onto the back of a playing card. You may wish to use a joker for this to keep frcm ruining the rest of the deck. Make as thin a layer as possible by pressing down hard. The resulting dab should be about the width of a half dollar. Let this dry for a few hours. Then, peel

off the wax paper and you have your gimmick. It is invisible unless you hold it up to the light at just the right angle and even then it is tough to spot. (By the way, this is probably the second best use silicone has ever been put to.)

To immediately see the benefit of this, place the card in the middle of the deck and spread the deck on the table. Locate the gimmick. You will notice that the gimmick and the card immediately behind it are perfectly aligned. In other words, the card behind it has disappeared.

Square the deck. Deal through the cards turning them face up on the table. Use your left thumb to deal the cards by pushing on the center of the back rather than the usual dealing action of the top right or left corner. Count the cards as you do. You will notice that you will have only fifty-one cards, the card above the gimmick will have disappeared.


This first use for The Silicard is both a force and a vanish. Start with the gimmick on top and the card you will use second from the top. Ask a spectator to cut off between a half and a third of the deck. Take this packet frcni him and discard the deck. Count the cards onto the table face up so everyone will knew how many cards he gave you. (Note that by dealing them face up onto the table, you won't reverse the order.) Let's assume we are dealing with twenty cards.

Pick up the packet and hold it face down in the left hand in dealing position. State that you will turn cards over one at a time and that they are to call stop when they desire.Turn the top card over onto the top of the packet face up. Immediately slide this card back about an inch. The card beneath it, the force card, will automatically cling to the gimmick. Continue pulling cards from the face down group and laying them face up and in jogged on the face up cards already there. When they call stop, get a break above the face down force card. The position will be frcm the top as

follows: Injogged face up packet, injogged face up gimmick, injogged face down force card, the rest of the face down packet.

Get a break above the force card with your right thumb. As you square all the cards, lift the cards above the break to the right so that they will be side-jogged about an inch. Spread them out to the right. Now use this spread to flip the force card face up onto the remaining cards in the left hand. With your left hand, flip the cards beneath the forced card face up and replace them on bottom. Your patter here is that they could have stepped you at any of the cards above or belcw that card. At the same time, you are showing all the cards in the packet to be different. Hie status of things new is that the forced card is face up in the middle of a face up spread and it is directly beneath the Silicard.

The Vanish. If you wish, you can just square the deck, snap your fingers, and spread the packet on the table shewing that their card has disappeared.

It's far more impressive to deal the cards face up onto the table, counting them as you do. If you press on the center of the cards when dealing, you will get an automatic double deal when you get to the gimmick and the selection. By the end of the deal, you will have nineteen cards, their card has vanished.

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