Flash Finale


This is a humorous conclusion to the trick just explained. Already, the idea of introducing items with the purse ("that you knew would always come in handy") is inherently funny as well as being mysterious. But, let's say that you are going to use it to produce four coins as already explained. After producing them, place the purse back in your outside coat pocket. Proceed with your regular four coin routine.

At the conclusion of the routine you reach for the purse to replace the coins. Picture the following scenario. You remove the purse from your pocket. Upon opening it, flames burst forth. You follow with, "It looks like Mr. Jimny has been smoking in bed again. "From here there are marry ways to end. You could simply blew out the fire and replace the coins. Or you could pour water on Mr. Jimny, no doubt risking his death by drowning. Or, after blowing out the fire, a little burnt hand could come up out of the purse to take the coins.

The Workings. In its simplest form, all you need is a flame purse. This is similar to the flame book which has a lighter type arrangement within which produces a flame. I bought one several years ago and it sat on the shelf until Mr. Jimny came along.

You have several options. You can simply gimmick your flame purse for Mr. Jimny. However, that might eliminate routines where something big goes in the purse (the lighter mechanism eats up a good bit of space already). I prefer to gimmick a regular purse and switch it for the flame purse at the end. You don't have to do any fancy moves — just remove the flame purse from the coat pocket at the end.

If you want to produce a burnt hand at the aid, ginmick both purses, one with a tan hand, and one with a burnt hand. A burnt rubber hand coming up out of a flaming purse is inherently funny.

The water idea is just that. It's an idea. I'm afraid to pour water on the purse for fear that I might damage the fire mechanism. However, calmly pouring a glass of water on the fire strikes me as humorous. You may want to risk it for the gag. (And you may feel it's worth $25.00 every time you use it.)

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