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John and I have created a lot of controversy over "Air Spread." The people we show it to either like it or hate it. It looks better when John does it than when I do it. (John would say, "naturally".) I chickened out and came up with a ginmicked way to do it. What you give up in impromtuness, you gain in the length of the spread. I will continue to use both methods.

Take a false finger ginmick and punch an air hole in the tip of it. This is so that it doesn't form a vacuum when you are removing it from your finger. Start with the gimmick on your left third (ring) finger.The deck is held in the left hand in as close as you can get to dealing position. It is best for the audience to be looking down from above. The ideal position would be for those occasions when the audience is standing around the table at which you are seated and performing.

(Note: I have a sixth finger which fits on ny left ring finger when not filled with something. I have recently tried to locate a similar finger but with no results. You can still do the exact same thing with the regular finger, putting it between the ring and middle fingers when not in use. If you have one of these, the air hole is not necessary.)

Using your left thumb, spread the deck over into the right hand. As your right hand accepts these cards, the tips of your right second and third fingers are dislodging the gimmick from the finger. They are, under the cover of the spread cards, sliding the gimmick down the left third finger to the right. Extend the gimmick as you would a telescope. Draw it out as far as possible, being sure your left finger still retains


it's grip on the gimmick. The gimmick and the finger only have to overlap for one half to three fourths of an inch to allow you to retain control.

As you are spreading the cards, you are also shifting the cards forward and back, to achieve a balance. The cards are to stay balanced on the gimmick. Extend the spread as far as possible to the right without upsetting the balanced condition. When you are ready, remove the right hand. Pass the right hand over and under the cards to shew the lack of wires.

After the display, bring the right hand back to the spread. Use this hand to close the spread and square the deck. At the same time, use the palm of the hand at the base of the right fingers to push the gimmick back onto the left third finger.

John's presentation (I gave his version a presentation, he provides a presentation for mine) is to act as if he's surprised at the suspended spread. He removes his right hand briefly and remarks, "Boy, these cards sure are sticky." If the deck is borrowed, this works well with the filthy house remark I put in his trick. Perhaps you should perform both methods to see which offends the hostess the mostess.

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."

Director, United States Patent Office circa 1890

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