The fay Throwing Technique

The basic spinning motion will be discussed first; the arm action for longer throws will be described later.

1. Sit comfortably in a chair (not an armchair). Your left hand, which holds the deck, rests in your lap.

2. Grasp a card in your right hand in the Jay grip. The right arm rests loosely against the right side of the body.

3. Bend the arm at the elbow so that the hand is now about six inches above your knee and parallel to the floor.

4. Bend your wrist towards your body until the Southeast corner of the card touches your hand at the base of the palm.

5. The wrist now straightens, returning to the original position, as the fingers release the card. The card glides out over the second finger, spins forward for a few inches (or feet), and falls to the floor. The motion of the wrist is the same as that employed in dismissing an incompetent valet.

After you get the feel of this motion you are ready to add arm action; this will provide greater stability and distance.

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