Target Practice

These next drills are designed to have the student strike a specific area with a card. First find an old barn. Next find its broad side. Stand six feet away and throw cards until you can hit the side of the barn on every throw. Mastery of this drill will enable the student to win many a bet early in his career.

Now buy an easel and on it place a poster-sized blowup made from a snapshot of some one you dislike. Stand back ten feet and commence firing. After a few weeks, or when you are able to stick cards in the pockmark of your choice, move back a few feet and try again.

Though not a serious student of the occult the author is aware that it is thought possible to do bodily harm to an individual by hitting or pricking his photograph. This phenomenon would come under the heading of sympathetic magic as expressed by Frazer in The Golden Bough. It has also been called mimicry or imitative magic, and although most well-known with pins and dolls, modern-day sorcerers have been known to use photographs in these rituals. Indeed, many primitives still refuse to be photographed for this very reason.

Great care should be taken in this target exercise. It is not a joking matter; after all, this is a book on self-defense.

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