Stationary Targets

For this stationary target drill, first purchase a goodly quantity of a product called in this country "string cheese." This comes in a cigar-shaped stick and, once the protective covering has been removed, the cheese may be pulled apart in thin string-like strips. I particularly recommend the mozzarella as its consistency is best suited to our work. The Bordon brand with my picture on the package has been produced under the personal supervision of my staff and is consistently excellent for the job.

Have your partner stand in the center of a spacious room which has been first cleared of encumbering furniture. You should now stand six feet away from him. There should be indirect lighting both behind him and in front of you. This is important. Have your friend hold the cheese stick on his left hand and pull down the individual strips with his right. Each time he pulls down a strip he should fully extend his right hand away from his body and stop all movement.

You should stand in a relaxed manner, legs comfortably wide apart with the right foot pointed directly at his extended right arm (this, of course, if you are right-handed). The deck of cards is in your left hand and the cards are fed one at a time into your right after each release. You and your partner should establish a rhythm immediately. As he pulls the string cheese you simultaneously load the


Bordott Brand of String Cheese

Bordott Brand of String Cheese card from left to right hand. He extends his right arm, and about one second later you fire. It is best to aim directly for the center of the strip of cheese as this allows the most favorable latitude for your throw. The cheese pulling and throwing should be repeated rhythmically on every fourth beat for a series of thirteen repetitions. It is best to practice this for four sets with a minute pause in between. After the four sets stop to regroup the cards, get a new cheese, and repeat the process in its entirety. I suggest practicing to musical accompaniment, particularly something pleasing to the ear, yet with a monotonous beat.

This exercise can of course be made more difficult by the pulling of thinner strips of cheese, and with a greater distance between the partners. I suggest '/24th of an inch of cheese and one foot back every week until at a distance of fifteen feet a gossamer-like thread of cheese can be hit easily. The exercise must be practiced twice through, two or three times a day for maximum results.

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