Special Techniques

1. The Children's Cudgel

The entire deck is used to jab and strike an opponent at close range in this exercise. With the right hand assume the familiar hitchhiker's posture, thumb extended and fingers curled in a loose fist. Place the deck into the hand so the fingers curl around the East side of the deck. Move the thumb down to the top of the deck and turn the wrist to the right so you are now looking at the back of your hand;

The Children's

Cudgel The Cudgel Grip

The Children's

Cudgel The Cudgel Grip

if your hand is large it may be impossible to see the cards from this position. This is a distinct advantage and gives you the additional advantage of the element of surprise. The cards should be gripped tightly and the blow may be delivered by shooting the arm stiffly to the right for a distance of no more than five or six inches. It is best to direct the cards against the knuckles, solar plexus, groin or head of an opponent. This technique finds its genesis in a sadistic children's game called "Knucks."

2. Round-Up

This full-deck technique both stings and confuses the enemy. Hold the deck in dealing position in the left hand, which should be relaxed. When you sense an enemy attack extend your right hand in the familiar handshake mode and surreptitiously lower the left hand. Quickly bring the left hand forward, hurling the entire deck at the face of your assailant, thus befuddling him.

3. The Lethal Four-Card Fist

This is the author's own defense against multiple adversaries. It was developed in New York but has a distinctly Oriental flavor and may be used in most geographical areas.

Place a card between the first and second fingers of the right hand, using the Thurston Grip explained in the chapter on Techniques. Next, place a card between the second and third fingers and then one between the third and fourth fingers; finally a card is placed on top of the index finger and secured by the gentle pressure of the thumb pressing down

The Lethal Four-Card Fist against the top of the card. All the cards are held in the same relative position; looking down from above, one should see only the top card and not the three beneath it.

To fire, bring the right arm across the body and then extend it forward, releasing all four cards at once.

The cards will spread slightly on release; the top card goes to the left, the bottom card to the right. The two center cards will travel the farthest. With practice, one can strike four individuals simultaneously.

This technique is particularly useful in gang warfare and most effective when the user can throw with both hands. A skilled helper is required to load cards between the empty fingers of the person throwing. In this way two men can hold off a small army of foes.

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