Special Cards

Although the author uses ordinary playing cards for self-defense he has been questioned frequently about the effectiveness of poisoned, steel or razor-bladed cards. He has

The Lethal Four-Card Fist

Self-defense to protect against a would-be mugger and/or rapist.

kept abreast of these developments in the field but is reluctant to make any recommendation.

There are, of course, certain advantages in the use of such products, but many difficulties may be encountered. First, one loses the disarming effect of simple paper. Second, the cost and acquisition of these specialized articles may be prohibitive. Third, the additional weight of these cards will affect the trajectory of the throw; the path of the card will be altered. It is possible to compensate for these disadvantages, but these are fiendish weapons which should be avoided by all but small children and those infirm of mind. Terrible tales could be told of one who practiced these deadly techniques and then inadvertently used the boomerang throw. . . .

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