Ray Spelling

Effect: Spectator shuffles the deck. Cardician gives it one cut and while apparently X-Raying the pack, names a card. This card is spelled out and it is there at the end of the spelling. This makes use of a bottom glimpse and the Estimated Cut from bottom to top.

1. After the spectator shuffles the deck, on taking it back glimpse the bottom card. Assume it is the 7H which spells with 13 letters.

2. Table the deck and from the bottom cut an estimated 13 cards to the top. In doing this, get a momentary break with the left thumb, at the inner left side, below this block of cards. This gives you a chance to further estimate the size of the block to see if it is more or less than 13 cards.

3. Depending on whether you think this block is thicker or thinner than 13 cards, you either cut to add or lose cards so that the spell will come out. It is however, best to over-estimate.

4. The spelling is now done face up. If you have estimated correctly the card will come out on the letter "S"\ If you have over-estimated the card will not show. At this point do a Double Lift, This may be the card so stop there. If it is not the card, turn it face down, take off the top card. Snap it, then turn it face up and this should be the card. It will appear as if you meant the effect to end that way. In any case, a 3 card leeway is pretty good after you get the knack of estimating.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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