Wrong To Right

Cardician fails in locating two selected cards; however, using his magical powers changes the wrong cards into the right ones.

The method of is such that the element of failure becomes not only plausible but, even before well versed card men, is taken for almost a certainty. It makes use of the ideas previously explained under 26th-17th-13th locations.

1. Run off 13 cards from the top of the deck, injog the 14th card and shuffle off.

2. With the right thumb at the back obtain a break below the injogged card as the right hand takes the deck from above by the ends.

3. Advance the right hand to the table and let the bottom packet, cards below the break, drop off to the table as you request a spectator to shuffle these.

4. While the spectator is shuffling his cards you run off another 13 cards, injog the 14th card and shuffle off.t Obtain a break below the injoggedf card, then maintain this break with the left 4th finger.

5. After the spectator has shuffled his packet of cards, ask him to drop then on the table as you hand him another packet, those cards above the 4th fin-j ger break, to shuffle.

6. The spectator shuffles this larger packet, which consists of 26 cards, he is to note the bottom card after the shuffle, then to drop this packet onto the one on the table.

7. Hand the remaining cards to a second spectator. He is also to shuffle and note the bottom card, then drop it onto the tabled cards.

8. Pick up the deck and in squaring, crimp the bottom card. (See Thi Cardician for an excellent method oil crimping.) Immediately drop the pack for the spectator to cut several times, I

9. On picking up the deck, spot where the crimp is located. As you will warn? the two cards in proper order for thisj-effect, be sure that the crimp is either^ /ess than 13 cards from the bottom or more than 13 cards from the top. Ifitis not in either of these positions merely give the cards another cut to get it there.

10. Having ascertained the crimped card's position, merely give the pack In or Out Shuffle depending on whether the crimped card is in lower or upper section of the deck.

11. After the above Faro Shuffle again hand the pack out for cutting or cut it yourself several times.

Once more give the deck an In Out Shuffle depending on the location of the crimped card, after which cut at the crimp to bring it to the bottom.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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