With Two Cards

for a single card. The following bit of chicanery will fool the best of them because it is something they don't expect.

1. Let us assume the selected card has been palmed in the right hand.

2. The left hand grasps the left lapel of the coat in order to more or less open the coat so that the right hand can enter on that side. A perfectly natural action made many times by the male gentry to remove a wallet, pencil, pen, etc.

3. The right hand enters under this side of the coat at the same time the name of the card is asked f or.

4. As the spectator names the card the performer is busy getting the palmed card from the right hand and placing it into the left hand fingers that are curled around the coat. In other words the left hand's four fingertips now have the card clipped against the coat and directly in line with the palm.

5. Immediately on hearing the name of the card, the empty right hand comes out and gestures, palm towards audience as performer says, I'm sorry but that card is over in this pocket."

6. As the last words are being spoken the right hand grasps the right lapel in a position similar to that of the left.

7. The right hand pulls open the right side of coat in the approved manner. At the same time the left hand travels across the chest, taking the palm-clipped card along into the right side of the coat.

8. When the left hand is under the right side of coat the clipped card is brought to the fingertips of the left hand and then it is produced as the selected card.

9. The object, as one can readily see, is to palm a card in the right hand yet a moment later produce it from a pocket with the left hand. If you start with a card palmed in the left hand then, of course, the opposite holds true.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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