Variations of Mario CD First Variation

1. The grip of the deck can be either the Mechanic's or Master Grip, but with the finger positions just as shown in Figure 171, that is, all fingers close together under the step.

2. In the above position the tip of the left second finger presses against the corner of the center card.

3. The left thumb arcs over the top card, then under cover of this card the left second finger presses upwards and forwards against center card causing it to move outwards to the left in line with the top card.

4. The above action is made at the instant the right hand comes over to take a card. Needless to say, the center card is easily grasped as the left thumb pulls back the top card.

5. The Grip of the pack will be correct if you are able to do not only a Center Deal but, from the same position, a Bottom Deal, a Second Deal or a Center Double Deal.


Second Variation:

This is using the Erdnase Grip and from its position you can deal either the Take or Strike center, or use the tip of the left 3rd finger to move or push out the center card for taking by the right thumb and second finger. My personal preference is for the Grip using the Mechanic's or Master Grip; however, there may be some who lean towards the Erdnase Grips.

To those who may be wondering as to just which is my favorite technique I must confess that I lean strongly towards the 1st Variation wherein the left second fingertip eases out the center card. I have found this method to be the most capable of greater flexibility in its application. This is evidenced by its use in the following One Hand Center Deal.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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