Variation of Automatic Gauge

This embodies the same principle of the Gauge but is a handling devised for when the ends of the deck face the performer.

1. Assume the smaller packet has been cut to the right and the ends of the cards face you. The right hand grasps the smaller portion by the ends with right thumb at the back end, near the center, right 2nd and 3rd fingers at the outer right corner with right 1st finger curled on top.

This right hand packet is kept firmly in place but the left hand packet is moved towards it as seen in Figure 7. Here you will note that the left hand 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers are at the left side of the deck with left 1st finger on top, but the left thumb is free and slightly lifted as seen in Figure 7.

2. As the large packet jams up against the smaller one you have two ways of lifting the top excess cards. First is for the left thumb to lightly brush across the top of the smaller packet and


immediately moving toward the large packet and, by pressing inwards, lift off the excess cards as seen in Figure 8, performer's view

Figure 7

3. What you are doing is actually using the top of the small packet as a guide for the left thumb to sweep across and merely lift off the excess cards from the larger left hand packet. Once the excess cards are lifted the right hand moves its packet toward spectator to shuffle it as you shuffle your packet. The calculations here are the same as already detailed under the Automatic Gauge, Steps 7, 8 and 9.

Figure 8

4. The other method of cutting off the excess cards is for the left fingers to sort of sweep the excess cards across the top of the smaller packet as in Figure 9. At the same time the left thumb moves in under the packet to lift it off. The right hand, of course, moves its packet towards spectator.


5. In the event that the smaller packet is on the left, then the techniques are still the same except that left hand will hold the small packet stationary while the right hand does the moving and jamming of its packet against the other.At the same time, the right hand cuts, or slides off its excess top portion.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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