Turnover Palm Card to Pocket

The following effect is a good application of the Turnover Palm.

1. Have a card selected. Control it to the top by using a Double Undercut.

2. State that you may have cut his card to the top or bottom. Show the spectator the bottom card which he will deny is his.

3. The top card is now ready to be shown; however, make a double-lift and turn the two cards face up on top of the pack. Be sure to run through the squaring action.

4. The two cards are now turned down and both cards jogged, as one, over the top end of deck as already shown in Figure 15.

5. The right hand squares the pack, levering the two cards into the palm, The right hand drops to the side as you ask for the name of the card.

6. After the card is named, reach into your right coat or trouser pocket and remove the indifferent card.

7. Hold the card face down and say, "Here it is." Place the card, without showing its face, back into the deck. Immediately say, "I will do it again." As this is said, downriffle the upper left corner of the pack with the left thumb as a magical gesture. Have the spectator reach in your pocket to remove the card.

8. In case you are in company where the above procedure may be inappropriate, then produce the card from the pocket yourself. Be sure they know that your hand is unmistakably empty.

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