Tip Up Angle Palm

This technique makes it possible to palm off the top card or cards to the right hand into Angle Palm Position.

Assuming you wish to palm off four cards from the top of the deck, get a break under them with the left fourth finger.

2. Here we will describe our method of holding the above finger-break. The left fourth finger is inserted in such a manner that the inner side of the left fourth fingertip is against the inner right corner of the cards. The inner right corner of the cards to be palmed just touches the nail of the left fourth finger.

Figure 41

Figure 41

The side of the left fourth fingertip is thus between the deck and the cards at this corner. The left fourth fingertip's position is clearly seen in Figure 41.

There are no breaks visible at the right side, at the same time the top cards are perfectly flat.

2. With the left fourth finger holding its break, the left hand turns palm down.

3. Right hand approaches as in Figure 42 where you will note left hand is still back uppermost.

Figure 42

4. The left hand now turns palm up just as the right hand touches the deck. It is at this stage that the left fourth finger moves its cards forward. During this forward action, the cards are trapped between the tip of the left thumb at the upper left corner and by the left fourth finger at the lower right corner.

5. The forward movement of Step 4 is only slight as now the right hand is near the deck so that the upper right corner of the top cards comes against the base of the right palm, near the right second finger.

6. The cards are pivoted further off the pack but this time the pivot points are the tip of left thumb at the upper left corner and the base of the palm, near the second finger, at the upper right corner as shown in Figure 43.

Figure 44

7. At the same time the pivoted cards are pressed downward against the upper right corner of the deck. This causes the top cards to tip up off the deck and up towards the right thumb which extends to clip the cards into an Angle Palm as in Figure 44.

Figure 45

8. Once the cards are felt firmly fripped in the Angle Palm, the right and quickly moves back as shown in Figure 45 in order to re-expose the pack as quickly as possible.

9. From here the right hand can take the pack, from above by the ends, being sure to curl the right forefinger on top.


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Fundamentals of Magick

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