Think Ill Stop Here

Effect: A card having been selected, the cardician places the deck face down on the table. From the top of the deck he removes a card at a time until he feels the urge to stop. He, of course, stops on the selection.

1. The usual procedure of selection by a cut is followed as well as the Mechanical Estimation.

2. Bring the estimated position of the selected card to about 9th from the top. Place the deck face down on the table.

3. From the top of the deck, with your right hand, take one card at a time placing it face down into the left hand. During the process count the cards and when you pick up the 8th card glimpse it as well as the 9th. Also have the 8th card injoggedin the left hand.

4. Say, "I have the feeling to stop right here.' Have the card named. If it is the 8th card the Double Lift is used to show it. If it is the 9th, then the top card of the left hand packet is turned. If it is neither the 8th or 9th card it has to be the top card of the tabled pack. Have spectator turn this card over. It's a bad day when this three card lee-way will let you down.

The procedure used in the above effect is also used by Dai Vernon in a mental effect. See his Inner Secrets series.

This next effect has a subtle idea for getting the number of cards in your packet without the necessity of shuffling the packet. It is the -

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