The Wrist Turn

Here is another method for covering the Corner Flash when executing a top palm of several cards. In this instance, the pack is held in the left hand with the back of the hand towards the audience. The hand is held at waist level and near the body. The right hand comes up and places its four fingers on the outer end of the pack, the left hand still keeping its original position. As the right thumb starts to move towards the inner end of deck, the left hand at the same time revolves palm upwards. At the same instant, the top cards are pivoted into the right hand which continues squaring the ends of the pack.

In case one is seated at a table, the above Wrist Turn cover can be done by resting the left hand, with the pack, palm down on the table. The right hand should be close by also resting palm downward. As the right hand reaches for the pack, the left hand turns palm upwards. The desired cards are pivoted into the right palm during the turning of the left hand.

It is important that the right four fingers assume their position at the outer end of the deck before the left hand turns. When the left hand turns the right thumb swings to the inner end of the deck. The cards are palmed, the right hand continues to square, then finishes by taking the pack in the Top Palm position with the forefinger bent on top of the pack.

Although the Wrist Turn cover has been described as a series of actions, in actual performance it becomes a unit and looks as if the hands merely squared the pack then placed it aside. One more important point to remember. In the two-handed squaring actions of the deck, not only is the right forefinger curled on top but the left forefinger is also curled on the bottom of the pack. The left fingers square the pack in the position explained in For Bottom Palm while the right fingers assume the grip detailed For The Top Palm.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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