The Top Card Return

3. Turn, or flip, the top card face up onto the deck. The right hand should be kept palm downward during the turn over of the card. As the card lands face up, say, "Naturally, your card is not on top.'

4. Turn the top card face down in the same manner that it was turned face up. It will be noted that the right hand automatically comes over the top of the deck during the turning of the top card. It is when the card is turned face down that the palmed card is released onto the deck as in Figure 34.

Figure 34

5. The right thumb immediately swings to the inner end of the deck. The right hand grasps the pack from above and the forefinger curls on top. Turn deck face up and remark that the bottom card is also not the selection.

To replace a number of cards, such as the four Aces which may have been palmed earlier, some reason must be given to excuse the turning over of the top card. Such patter as, "I hope you didn't shuffle any high cards to the top or bottom." will do. Speaking of replacing the four Aces or any four of a kind, the next method should fill the bill. It is used when seated at a table. It is like the standard replacement with just a preceding touch.

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