The Table Edge Palm

1. Assuming that the top card of a packet of five is to be palmed into the right hand, hold the cards face down in the righthand.

2. The right hand holds the packet from above, thumb on the inner end at the left corner and fingers at outer end.

3. Turn the right hand and tap the right side of the packet on the edge of the table. The face of the packet will be towards the left, while its outer index comers should be resting near the edge of the table. Three quarters of the packet will then protrude backward over the edge of the table, as in Figure 27 which is the correct position prior to the palm.

4. Keep the right hand in the above position as you turn the packet face down, its outer index corner being the pivot point. As the packet is turned face down, the first phalanx of right fourth finger pushes downward and forward against the upper right corner of the top card. Because the table edge gives the cards the much needed support, the top card will pivot into the right palm.

5. Once the card is in the palm, the right hand can remain at rest, momentarily, then later toss the packet face down to one side; however, some may prefer to immediately toss the packet aside once the palm is made. Either alternative is permissible, depending on the circumstances at hand.

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