The Square Up

This replacement is made while the pack is apparently squared. It does not constitute a mannerism; therefore, should fit almost any type of performer.

1. The hands are in position for the Basic Replacement Move. The left fingers pull inwards on the right hand packet and at the same time the pack is shifted up to the fingertips of the left hand. The left forefinger curls under the pack as an aid in lifting the deck.

2. The right hand, at the same time that the pack is lifted to the left fingertips, curls its right forefinger on the top of the deck. The position of both hands is now as shown in Figure 32 which is the standard Square Up position.

3. The sides of the pack are immediately squared by the right hand running the pack, back and forth, between the left three fingers and thumb.

Figure 32

The action, although broken down into steps, is one continuous move that looks as if you merely squared the deck. It is a very good method of replacement after the Side Steal.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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