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In this method any number of cards, from one and up, can be bottom palmed immediately following an overhand shuffle. It is an angle palm and therefore very suitable for platform work; however, under certain conditions, depending on the misdirection, it can be done close up and completely surrounded.

1. Assuming you wish to palm out the four Aces begin by having them on top of the pack.

2. Hold the deck in the right hand in readiness for an overhand shuffle.

3. Shuffle off the first four cards, singly, into the left hand. These four cards are shuffled into the left hand in such a way that they will fall into a dealing position as shown in Figure 1. Note that this position is similar to a Mechanics Grip.

The outer left corner of the cards rest on the flesh of the inner left forefinger. This corner does not reach to or beyond the top of the left forefinger, but stays just within the curl of the hand and left forefinger. The outer right corner of the cards press against the tip of the left

Figure 2

forefinger. It is this grip of the left hand that will bring the cards into the angle palm.

4. The next card, the fifth, is shuffled off so that it jogs slightly forward onto the left forefinger as in Figure 2 but not beyond it.

5. The remainder of the pack is now shuffled, haphazardly, into the left hand; to cover the jogged card as well as the back cards. This means that the cards; will be distributed, forward of and alternately, inside of the cards in the left hand. This will cover the jogged card at the front as well as the back.

6. After all the cards have been shuffled into the left hand they are not squared. Instead, the left fingers move close together and squeeze the bottom cards causing them to buckle downward. Due to the fact that a card was shuffled over the left forefinger only the bottom four cards will fall away from the rest of the deck, as in Figure 3, and into left palm. Note that the rest of the pack remains in an unsquared position.

Figure 3

7. Once the bottom cards have fallen away from the rest of the pack the major opening will be at the lower right comer. The right fingers enter into this opening between the bottom cards and the rest of the deck. The deck is taken away by the lower right corner with the right first and second Fingers below and thumb above, The left hand in the meantime drops to the side with its cards.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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