The right hand continues by pressing its right thumb against the lower

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right corners of both the angled cards and those below it. This causes the lower half of the cards to jut out at the upper left corner as in Figure 55 where you will note that the left thumb is already Hooking itself around this projecting corner.

Figure 54

Figure 54

The angled portion of the deck will be controlled mostly by the pressures of the right thumb at the lower right corner and the right 3rd finger at the upper left corner. Study Figure 55 for these positions.

4. The left thumb now starts to move out the lower section of the cards as already shown in Figure 51. Then the left thumb positions itself as in Figure 52 continuing the action started, and eventually completes the cut by placing the left hand portion on top of the cards in the rignt hand. The Aces are then at the bottom of the the deck.

5. To use the same apparent actions to get the Aces to the top you again get the Aces angle jogged as at in Figure 48. The corners of the angled Aces will be felt by the right thumb at the back end, near the lower left corner of the deck. By lifting up on the bottom most Ace the cards below it will remain against the left palm as shown in Figure 56. This is picture is exaggerated to give a clear view of what happens.

6. The right hand now swings its cards to the left thus bringing the bottom free portion of the deck in line with the angle-jogged Aces as in Figure 56. Here you will note that the bottom cards are in line with the jogged Aces but as yet the right thumb has not released its cards to fall flush onto the bottom portion. Once the bottom cards are in line with the Aces, the rest of the deck is released or lowered by the right thumb.

7. The right thumb moves up against the two lower right corners of the angled cards and presses inwards thus causing the top portion to sort of move forward at the upper left corner where the left thumb can Hook around this corner. Figure 57 shows condition of the deck as well as the positions of both hands. The lower portion of cards is held back or controlled mostly by pressure of right thumb at inner right corner and right 3rd finger at upper right corner.

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