The Over Count

Effect: A spectator selects a card which is then lost into the deck. Later the card is discovered at a freely chosen number. Although the plot is time worn the method is not and has fooled other cardicians for many years.

1. Have a card selected by removal or the peek. Eventually control it to the bottom. The Double Undercut is as good a method as any.

2. Place the pack in front of the selector requesting him to cut the cards at about half. As soon as the cards are cut, pick up the lower half and say, "You had a free choice as to where you cut; therefore, we will use the cards in this center portion."

3. Have the spectator name any number. For example, let us say he calls out fourteen.

4. Count off fourteen cards slowly and legitimately. Do not stop here but immediately count "Fifteen" as you Double Deal the next card(s).

5. As soon as the fifteenth card, really two, has been dealt down, stop suddenly, then say, "Oh, I am sorry, you said fourteen, didn't you?"

6. Pick up the top card of the counted packet and return it to the top of the deck. Ask the assistant to name his card, then very slowly turn over the supposed fourteenth card from the tabled portion.

Any one who may have been looking for seconds or bottoms will be completely thrown off the track. All the cards come off the top except on the Double Deal and in this instance the top card itself is a perfect cover. Another touch is that the fifteenth card is put back on the deck and the spectators know that the fourteenth card was a very fair deal, Your whole attitude should assume that a mistake had been made and you just over-counted, then went back to the original number.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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