The One Hand Action Palm

A card is controlled and palmed in the simple action of shuffling the pack, then handing it to the spectator to shuffle. The card goes into a regular palm position in the right hand. Begin with the deck in left hand dealing position.

Have a card selected and returned to the deck. On squaring the deck, the fourth finger of the left hand obtains a break above the selection as for the standard Pass.

2. The right hand cuts off the top portion at the break. The remaining portion in the left hand is tilted on its right side. The right hand portion is swung into position for an overhand shuffle.

3. The portion from the right hand is shuffled off onto the face of the left hand packet. This will leave the selected card on top.

4. After the right hand has completely shuffled off its portion, the left hand cards remain in the same plane; that is, still on their right side, with the face of the cards towards the left palm. There isn't any attempt to change this position or to square the pack.

5. The right hand comes down and grasps the ends of the deck, thumb at the back, fingers at the front. The left four fingers will be on the back of the deck and the left thumb on the face.

6. With the hands in this position, the left third and fourth finger-tips pull down on the inner right hand corner of the top card. The top card will now be jogged, at an angle, about an eighth of an inch. The angled card will be held diagonally between the right thumb and little finger as follows. The ball or pad of right thumb will contact the angled card at the inner left corner. The fourth fingertip of right hand will be in contact with the outer right corner.

The position of both hands and the angled top card is seen in Figure 14, Note that the pack is not squared, also Figure 14 shows the hands at a slight angle, actually the pack is straight up and down resting on its right side during the jogging action.

Figure 14

7. The left hand can now let go of the pack and allow the right hand to carry it away safely. The right hand itself can now palm the top card as follows. The right fourth finger, at the outer right corner of the jogged top card, presses this corner down and over the outer end of the deck. The jogged card will then be levered into the palm. The pack is then dropped face down onto the table.

The palm seems impossible because the pack is not squared and it happens immediately after the shuffle. Also the pack doesn't seem to be in position for any palm.

To describe the action as seen by the spectators; A card is selected, returned to the center of the deck. The pack is given a short shuffle by the performer who then says, "Perhaps, you would rather shuffle the cards?' The right hand


drops the pack in front of spectator. The selected card has been palmed.

Remember that the sloppier the pack is when you place it down the more deceptive will be the palm.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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