The Master Grip and Deal

1. The usual descriptions IotVhe Mechanic's Grip tells you to place the lower left corner of the deck just below the base of the left thumb. In the Master Grip this same corner of the pack is brought down to a lower position nearer the edge of the palm as shown in Figure 1 which shows the hand marked off at the points where the opposite diagonal corners of the deck will be gripped during the deal.

2. Place the pack face down into the left hand so that the two diagonal corners of the bottom card of the deck come at the points marked X in Figure 1. The left thumb comes down across the top of the deck and lies diagonally with its tip near the upper right corner of the deck. The tips of the left three fingers are pressed against the side of the deck. These fingertips should be low enough to let the top card pass

over them during a deal and yet keep back the others. The pack is, of course, gripped only between the tip of the left forefinger and the edge of the palm. Figure 2 shows packs position in the

3. With your left thumb move the top card clockwise to the right. This movement is sort of an arc with the fulcrum point being the lower left corner. This corner is pressing against the palm during the deal as shown in Figure 3.

The corner of the top card should project about a 1/4 inch beyond the rest of the deck but not more.

4. The right hand which will now take the top card should have its fourth and third fingers curled in against the palm. The first and second fingers are extended but not stiffly. The tips of right second finger and thumb should be touching to give the proper curled appearance to these fingers. This position is obtained before the hand approaches the pack.

5. The right hand approaches the deck to take the top card. In order to do this the right thumb and second finger separate only slightly. Do not make this a pincer movement. In taking the top card it is important that the tip of the right thumb falls on the deck at a point where it will touch the tip of the left forefinger as in Figure 4. In this way the thumb will touch not only the top card but also a portion of the second card.

6. The right second finger, from below, nips the top card against the ball of the right thumb, then carries it off the deck to the right and deals it face down on the table a few inches away from the deck. The next top card is now pushed over the side, the right fingers taking it in an identical manner and once more dealing it down on the table. As the deal continues the deck will diminish. As this happens the left fingers, at the side of the deck, gradually move downwards to conform to the thickness of the deck, thus always keeping the top cards under control.

The Master Grip and Deal should be practiced until one feels comfortable doing it before proceeding with any of the false deals. Finally, remember that the grip of the pack is always the same as well as the taking of the card with the right hand. Never deviate from these two points when mastering the various deals that use the Master Grip and Deal.

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