The Magic Throw

Effect: A card is noted under conditions that preclude any possible control. The deck is tabled and its back end riffled with one hand while the other hand throws a face up card into the pack. The original selected card is found next to the face up card.

1. Using the Fingertip Peek Estimate have a card noted. Assume this card is approximately 14th from the top.

2. Undercut half the deck and in an Overhand Shuffle run seven cards, then injog the eighth and shuffle off. Get a break at the injog and shuffle off to the break. The selection is now approximately 21st card from the top.

3. Table the deck and take the top card face up into the right hand. With the


left thumb do the Back End Riffle Estimation and toss the face up card into the deck at the proper time.

4. Square the deck getting the face up card into the position for the reveal-ment as per the Back End Riffle Estimation. Ask for the name of the card and then flip the top portion face up into the waiting left hand. The right hand places its face up card to one side.

5. If the named card is at the face of the left hand packet the effect is over. If it is not, then turn the top card of the tabled portion face up and this should bethe card.

6. If you have missed, try again as the effect is so strong that even after a couple of misses it goes over very well as it does look impossible.

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