The Faro Shuffle

hand Out Faro Shuffles The First Technique First Variation Faro Aids Fan Spread and Weave Resquaring the Packets Second Method Third Method Cutting At 26 26th Card Faro Check The 4th Finger Table Faro Riffle Shuffle Variations In The Technique On The Faro Riffle Shuffle First Variation Second Variation Third Variation Fourth Variation Fifth Variation In The Hands The Butt Faro Partial Faro Check Throw-Off Faro - Top Throw-Off aro - Bottom Off Center Faro Above Crimp Faro Half and Half Principle "HaljPlus One" Combining Riffle Shuffles & Faros Reverse or Backward Faro On Discrepancies

The following techniques for accomplishing the Faro or Weave Shuffles, as well as those of the riffle type, are the result of many years of experimentation and analytical study. I believe them to give greater control at all times than any that have appeared in print previously, especially in regards to In and Out Shuffles. In those instances that I may feel such definite control is not possible, I shall mention them.

Besides the various techniques for the Faro Shuffle, this chapter introduces several new approaches to the shuffle with terms such as Throw Off Faro, Off Center Faro, Left Over Faro, Above Crimp Faro, 26th Card Faro Check, Partial Faro Check, as well as some Faro Aids that will be useful to the beginner as well as the expert.

Basically there are two ways of starting the Faro Shuffle - from the top down or from the bottom up. The one that starts from the bottom up I consider superior to the other and a study of this chapter will bear this out.

Before going into the various methods of Faro Shuffling, I must mention that I have put nothing in this chapter that I myself cannot do or that any one else could not do with the proper application of time, practice and patience.

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