The Fan Deal

Object: To enable one to deal out any card from a fan unit consisting of 3-4-5 or more cards.

1. I think it best to describe the Fan Deal in connection with a practical application; therefore, in this case assume that a mental effect has been in progress and that you have boiled down the mental selection to five cards any ofwhich may be the selection.

2. In the standard procedures you would start to distribute these five possibilities throughout the deck so that later, when the actual card was named, you would either show it on top or bottom or reversed in center plus, perhaps, two alternatives using either a glide or a Double Lift. With the Fan Deal you can apparently deal any one of the cards named always off the top of the deck.

3. Suppose the mental possibilities have boiled down to five cards. These five cards are arranged on top of the deck with the values in order so that each succeeding card is higher in value than its predecessor. For the sake of clarity lets assume these cards are the Ace-2-3-4-5 of mixed suits and arranged in that order from the top of the deck down.

4. The left hand holds the deck in standard Mechanic's Grip for dealing. The left thumb tip now moves the top card over, diagonally, for only a fraction of an inch. Just enough to expose the

Figure 200

second card.

5. Immediately, the left thumbtip engages the second card as well and moves it over diagonally but again only far enough to expose the third card.

6. Needless to say, the same action is repeated for the next two cards thus causing a Fan Spread of five cards as shown in Figure 200.

Figure 202

7. Note that the comer of each individual card is easily accesible to the right fingers. Also you have a clear picture of the position of each card.

former's view, the spectator's view will be as in Figure 201 because the left hand has been tilted in towards the performer as this hand rests normally on the table.

9. A little subtle touch is now added. The performer lifts up the back end of the top card, with the right thumb, for the ostensible purpose of looking at it. The action is shown in Figure 202 as seen by the spectator.

10. The right thumb lets the top card snap back into place, then the right fingers take their place near the corners of the fanned cards as seen in Figure 203.

Now ask for the name of the card. Soon as you hear it, the right second finger and thumb grasp only the comer of that particular card and deals it out face up onto the table. The Figure 204 shows the third card of the fan in the process of being dealt.

12. Immediately that the card is dealt face up, the left thumb pulls back the remainder of the Fan onto the deck. The pack is eventually further squared by pressing inwards, on its top end with the left forefinger. This causes the deck to move slightly downwards into the left hand but also insures a good square up of the cards.

In the above I have given the case of breaking down a mental selection to five cards but if you can break it down to say, three, well so much the easier.

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