The Fake Transfer

At times merely rubbing the hands together while keeping the palmed card, or cards, in the original hand is an aid in misdirection. The process simply consists of bringing the hands together as in Figure 36, rubbing them and dropping them back to the sides with cards still in the original palm, either left or right.

Although mention has been made of dropping the hands to the side, it is assumed that they will not remain there for any length of time as any one of the methods for Holding Out should be used to lend an air of ease. Also, mention has been made in several of the Palms and Replacements about, "Brushing away an imaginary speck of dirt." This doesn't mean that one should go around finding dirt at every turn in a host's home, Misdirection of this type should be used sparingly and with discretion. Applying one or two of them to a favorite routine' is probably the best way to utilize these things.

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