The End

1. The pack having been cut, the operator completes it by placing the lower half on top of the upper portion. In doing so he steps the upper portion outward, over the front end of the deck as in Figure 180.

2. The right hand, holding the deck at its sides near the inner end, conceals the jog on the inside. The right hand places the deck into the left hand.

3. Whether you wish to obtain a break with the left 1st finger or left second finger governs how the pack is placed. If you wish the break held with left first finger, then the front jogged portion is placed directly onto this finger. If the left second finger is to obtain a break, then the jog is placed onto this finger.

4. The right hand from above now squares the deck by squeezing the ends but not before the desired left finger obtains its break. The 1st or 2nd finger raises the upper portion just enough so that when the deck is squared, the proper left finger holds a break at the upper right corner, between the two halves, in readiness for the Center Deal.

The Side Jog

1. In this method the operator, on completing the cut, side-jogs the upper

Higure 181.

half to the left as shown in

2. Here again the right hand, which is above the deck, holds it by the ends at the right to cover the step condition. This time the deck is placed into the left hand in a normal manner.

3. Keeping the right hand above the deck, the left finger, either 1st or 2nd depending on which you wish to use, pulls down the upper right corner of the lower portion. As the pack is eventually squared, the proper left finger then obtains its break.

Naturally, the Side Jog can be used to obtain the usual left 4th finger break or for that matter a break with any of the left fingers.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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