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We have been doing a lot of experimentation with the bottom card buckle cop. Among other things we have developed a count from which a card can be palmed after the count is completed. Again the palm is unsuspected because a counting action is involved. There isn't any indication that a card or cards can possibly be stolen.

1. Hold the cards in the left hand in dealing position. The cards are now thumbed off, one by one, into the right hand as they are counted out.

2. The first card counted off goes into the right hand so that the outer left corner of the card rests on the first joint of the right second fingers as in Figure 9. Note that upper right corner rests on the right forefinger but does not project over it.

Figure 9

3. The other cards are counted off onto the first one to cover it. The count is continued until the desired number is reached.

4. At the completion of the count the right second finger presses inwards on the outer left corner of the bottom card causing its inner left corner to buckle away from the others as in Figure 10.

5. At this stage the left hand, still holding the pack, removes all the cards from the right hand above the palmed card. To do this the left forefinger enters the opening created in Figure 10 while the

Figure 10

left thumb goes on top of the packet. The packet is then taken away between left forefinger and thumb holding it at the inner left corner as in Figure 11. The right hand with the palmed card goes either to the pocket or drops to the side. The left hand then drops the packet on the table or merely continues holding it.

Figure 11

Figure 11

6. The Count Cop can be made without the use of the deck such as when handling small packets. Before going into these we will describe an application for the Count Cop involving the deck.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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