The Clip Steal

While this Clip Steal has been used by us primarily as a substitute for a one hand bottom deal, it is described here because it also has possibilities as a palm steal.

1. The card to be stolen is on top. Hold the pack in the right hand in readiness for the overhand shuffle. Faces of cards towards the right palm.

2. Run off the top card into the left hand. The left hand takes this card so that its upper left corner will be clipped at the base of the first and second fingers.

3. The remainder of the pack is shuffled so that it cover this card; however, the base of the left forefinger keeps these cards separated from the clipped card, at the same time no break will be visible.

4. The left hand, turning at the wrist, tosses the shuffled pack back into the right. The deck will automatically fall face up on the right hand. In the meantime the left hand with its clipped card can remain in a relaxed position at waist height or it can drop to the side. The back of the left hand must face the audience to keep the projecting card out of sight. The hand has a very natural, and unstrained appearance due to the fact that the card is not palmed but merely clipped.

In doing the above Clip Steal, do not make the mistake of jutting out the thumb but rather let it rest lightly next to the forefinger. The fingers are slightly curled.

In producing the card from the pocket, the body should make a slight turn to the left otherwise the back end of the card may swing into view as the left hand and card comes in contact with the body.

The Clip Steal can be made with several cards by merely running the desired number onto the base of the second finger, then clipping them with the base of the forefinger. From here the handling is the same as for one.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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