Th Card Faro Check

Packets against each other, as in igure 3, in readiness for a Faro Shuffle.

4. If at this point, you find that one half is thicker than the other, then simply return the packets back to the identical position shown in Figure 26.

5. By now you should be pretty certain as to which half is the larger and you adopt a proceedure for correcting the situation.

6. If the right hand or top portion is the greater, the right thumb releases the necessary card, or cards, as in Figure 27 letting themjoin the lower half.

7. If the left hand portion or lower half is the greater, then the right thumb pulls upward on the top card, or cards, of the lower section in order to join them to the upper section. The action is shown in Figure 28.

8. After the above actions of either those pictured in Figures 27 or 28, the cards are again rested in the position of Figure 26 for a quick comparison. From here proceed into the Faro.

Right here is a good place to detail one further idea as regards cutting at center or 26. I call it the:

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