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First Method: Sometimes it is valuable to be able to take the cards from above by the ends, after a shuffle, and still palm some cards. The method outlined here can be used with the Shuffle Palm.

1. Go through the actions of the Shuffle Palm from Step 1 to Step 4

2. When you reach Step 4 you merely continue shuffling onto the outjogged card only. In other words you do not alternate the cards in and outjogged to cover the cards being palmed. They are merely left injogged while the rest of deck is shuffled to the front.

3. After the completion of the shuffle, the right hand comes over to take deck, by the ends, from above.

4. The right thumb, at the back, presses down on the injogged cards, forcing them down into the left hand.

5. The right hand takes deck while left hand drops to side with palmed cards.

Second Method: This method uses the Fall Away Technique. The handling is such that it seems impossible to have stolen any cards.

Perform all the Steps from 1 to 5 necessary for the Shuffle Palm. Finally, leave the cards, still unsquared, resting in the left hand.

2. The right hand now comes over to take all the cards by the inner right corner. The left hand goes to the side empty while right hand keeps holding the deck by its inner right corner.

3. At this stage, if you examine the bottom of the deck you will find that you are actually holding onto the cards that will later be palmed. In addition, these cards are actually injogged in relation to the cards above it.

4. After a suitable pause covered by patter, the right hand returns the cards into the left hand as follows. The outer end of the deck is placed so that it rests along the left forefinger. The other three left fingers are merely cupped. Due to the outjogged cards the injogged cards will fall away and into the cupped left fingers. This position is retained for the moment.

5. The right hand comes back and again takes the deck by the lower right comer, thumb on top, fingers below, but this time due to the Fall Away Action of the bottom cards, the right fingers can enter between the deck and the cards to be stolen by left hand.


6. The above type of handling is very conducive to such effects as the twelve cards to the pocket wherein the patter theme can make every move seem logical.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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