Table Riffle Angle Palm

It is possible to Angle Palm a number of cards through the use of the Table Riffle previously explained in connection with a full palm.

1. The pack is end-riffled as in the Table Riffle Palm. At the same time the required cards are held back as per Figure 4.

2. The halves are then telescoped into each other as in Figure 5.

3. At this point there is a technical change. Both hands approach the pack in a manner exactly as for squaring the pack when about to do the Angle Palm except that the left thumb does not press on the cards but instead is above the right thumb as in Figure 21.

Figure 21

4. The base of the left hand, of course, presses downwards on the left side of its cards while the base of the right hand presses down on the right side of| its portion.

This causes the top cards to tilt off the deck enough so that the right thumb can clip them against the base of the palm in Angle Palm Position as in Figure 22.


5. Both palms can now push the remaining cards further into each other.

Figure 22

6. The hands move away from the deck and finish by squaring the sides of the deck. The right hand has the cards Angle Palmed to be used as required.

. Obviously, the Table Riffle Angle alm can be done with either hand.

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