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This makes use of the Jog. For methods of jogging a card you can refer to Chapter Eleven, The Multiple Shift. Procedure is as follows:

Hold the deck for the Standard Peek getting a break below the peeked card.

2. In squaring up the deck get the peeked card jogged to the back end. Table the pack, by grasping the deck at inner sides with right hand to hide the jogged card, so that the front end is towards the spectator.

3. Left hand now conies over to grasp the deck by the ends for the Back End Riffle; however, in order to retain control of the jogged card the left thumb pushes the inner right corner, of the jogged card, to the left thus the selection is now angled as in Figure 37 which is a diagram showing the angle of the card and the finger positions.


4. The left hand is above the deck and rather low over it so that the jog is hidden on all sides. Press down firmly with the left forefinger, curled on top of the deck, to keep the jog in place during the next actions.

5. The left thumb riffles the back end of the deck but riffles only the cards that are above the Jog, This prevents any tell-tale snap or click which would happen if you included the jogged card in the riffle (This also holds true if you use a short or long card as per Methods 2 and 3.) Do the riffle several times.

Figure 37

6. When you are ready for the Throw merely lift up on the jogged corner of the selection then toss in the face up card and immediately riffle off the cards with the left thumb. From here conclude as before.

The above methods were sent in a letter to Bill Simon around 1956 and I mention this only because at that time I also sent him an Estimation Method, except the selection was controlled to the 26th position, which was concluded with the remark that no one would believe this method possible. This was about the time that the great card authority, Jean Hugard himself, doubted the practicability of my theories and, of course, the remark in my letter alluded to this attitude.

While I'm at it, I may as well describe Carmen D'Amico's latest method using my crimp idea as in the first method. It was shown to Bill Simon in 1959 and he was most enthused over the subtle procedure.

In using the 26th position method you actually lift up at the 26th place, toss in a card and then do the Riffle. If you like you can use the Cut Estimate at the back end with the left thumb. This is similar to Figure 16. Toss in the face up card with the right hand, while the left thumb at the same time quickly releases its cards to trap the indicator card. Conclude the effect as before.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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