Sure Throw

1. Hold the deck in the Standard Spectator Peek position. After the peek get a break, with the left 4th fingertip, below the selected card. Now in squaring the ends of the deck the left fingers press inwards, on the cards that are below the break in order to crimp this portion of the deck at the back end only. Now you can release all breaks as the selection is marked off by the crimp as seen in Figure 36. This crimp should only be at the back end and not visible from the front.

Figure 36

Figure 36

2. Table the deck and take the top card, face up, into the right hand. The left thumb now riffles the back end of the deck several times as you remark about the selection being somewhere in the deck. This also conveys a fairness to the procedure.

3. Follow this next closely. You seem to do exactly the same thing as the face up card is thrown into the deck; however, what really happens is this. The left thumb actually lifts up the cards at the crimp. The right hand immediately tosses its card into this opening but simultaneously the left thumb riffles off the cards thus trapping the face up card. Properly done it appears as you were riffling the pack at the time you were making the throw but in reality you have made the toss first and then riffled the pack.

4. In this instance after flipping the cards above the indicator face up into the left hand be sure that the face up card remains face up against and across the inner end of the tabled half. This is to cover the crimped condition at the inner end of the tabled half.

5. An alternative procedure is to shove the face up card flush into the deck after the throw, then pick up the deck and square to remove all traces of the crimp. Now spread deck and remove the card to the right of the face up card to show it as the selection. I prefer the more dramatic revealment originally described.

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