Sudden Stop Effect

Effect: A card noted by Fingertip Peek is relocated by a Fingertip Rifffle as the spectator calls "Stop'.

1. Get the pack set with a Sudden Stop and note the card at which the stop occurs.

2. In performing, undercut the pack and injog the 1st card as you shuffle off. Get a break at the injog and shuffle off to the break.

3. Square up the deck and hold in Fingertip Peek position. Use the Sudden Stop Riffle as you ask spectator to call Stop". Naturally he notes the card you have forced, so to speak. Square up the pack and repeat the Jog Shuffle as in Step 2.

4. This time hold the deck again in Fingertip Peek position but with the face of the deck towards the floor. Both the performer and spectator are looking down at the back of the deck.

5. With the right first finger again riffle the corner of the deck as you ask the Spectator to call "Stop". Of course, you use the Sudden Stop and stop at the same point as before. Pinch this corner between the right thumb and first finger to carry the packet away.

Ask for the name of the selection, then turn the packet face up to disclose the card. A real startler, especially if you have not put in any kind of upward crimp.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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