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During the side squaring of the deck the bottom cards are palmed in the left hand.

1. Assume you want to bottom palm the four bottom cards. Obtain a break above them and this break is transferred to the right thumb which maintains it at the inner end.

2. The cards are now brought up to the fingertips into the Square Up Position shown in Figure 32 of this chapter.

Figure 32

3. Now the right hand slides the deck back and forth so that the left thumb and fingers rub along the sides.

4. During this movement, when the left thumb and left second finger reach the front end of the deck, the right hand releases the bottom cards so that they drop into the left hand where they will land in a position similar to that shown in Figure 4 of the Shuffle Palm. In the illustration the right hand has been omitted, but would be holding the deck from above.

5. The right hand gestures forward while the left falls to the side or to the pocket to produce the cards.

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