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Tin left thumb should move over to the upper left corner of its palmed cards and press down on this corner.

The left thumb should move into the corner position as soon as the right hand starts to take the pack away. The action is shown in Figure 4. Note the position of the left thumb on its palmed packet.

Figure 4

Note: It is how the cards are placed into the left hand, at Step 3, that controls the protrusion of this corner from the angle palm position. Run a few cards off into the left hand and buckle the cards into the angle palm and you will find just where the outer left corner should rest on your forefinger and hand to minimize this corner.

8. The right hand now can place the pack on the table or use it in a gesture. The left hand, with the cards palmed, is down at the side. The strain can now be taken off the left fingers by lightly clipping and holding the palmed cards with the thumb against the base of the forefingers. The left hand is held at the side so that the backs of the palmed cards face the left thigh. The left thumb nail will then face directly front. In this position the cards will be invisible from the front as well as the right side; however, on the left side a corner of the cards will project beyond the palm.

|9. To produce, or introduce, the palmed cards into the pocket the left hand should move straight upwards and into the pocket. Avoid any tendency to turn the wrist as this will expose the projecting corner. The left hand moves straight up, then straight down into the pocket.

10. When working close up, the left hand with the palmed cards should go directly into the pocket. In other words, as soon as the right hand removes the deck, the left hand moves straight back into the pocket. In the meantime, the right hand should make some gesture with the pack in order to attract all eyes towards it.

This action of the right hand should be slightly upwards while the left hand moves fairly slowly downward into the pocket. An appropriate patter line along with the gesture will aid in enhancing the misdirection.

Naturally the best application of this sleight is to a four Ace effect in which the climax is the production of the Aces from the pocket. You would only produce one Ace first, then later the second etc., till all four are re-produced. In the case of a single selected card it can be the one that you seemed to have forgotten about as you casually shuffle the deck. Later, when reminded, you can produce it, or several selected cards, from the pocket for a climax.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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