Second Method

1. A spectator shuffles the deck.

2. Spectator cuts off a small packet and secretly counts it and places the packet in his coat pocket.

3. Whatever the number of cards he cut off, he now counts down that many cards from the top of the deck to remember the card that lies at his number.

4. Throughout the above, your back canbe turned.

5. Turning around pick up at least 26 or more of the deck thus leaving a few cards on the table from off the bottom of the deck.This is to indirectly point out that even if you counted the cards you now hold, you still couldn't know the exact number of the spectator's cards due to the small remaining packet left on the table.

6. The cards that you hold are now Overhand shuffled using the run and counting up to 25, then injogging the 26th card and shuffling off. Undercut to the injog and throw on top. Drop the pack onto the original bottom card, then have the spectator remove his packet and place it on top of the deck. The selection is now 26th from the top.

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