Second Method

1. The left hand has a Corner Hold on the tabled card. The card in the right hand is held in a Rear Flat Palm.

2. The right hand moves towards the tabled card as for the Alignment Move. Except here the card in the right hand does not peek out at any time but instead stays completely hidden. When the two hands meet they will be as in Figure 77.

Figure 77

The back of the left thumb nail will be pressing on the inner left corner of the under card. The right thumb and base of the 4th finger merely close in on the corners of the upper card and hold it as the right hand moves away.

The left fingers, of course, let go of the upper card but the back of the left thumb nail, pressing down on the under card, holds this card in place against the table. Figure 78 shows the right hand moving away as the left fingers apparently still have the same grip on the inner left corner.

Actually this illusion is heightened by being sure that the tips of the left fingers press down to touch the back of the card, as seen in Figure 78, thus hiding the fact that the thumb is on top of the card.

Figure 78

Figure 78

3. After the exchange, as in Figure 78, the right fingers can be extended to move some other object or merely unload the card as it reaches for the pack.

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