Second Fooler

A thought of card and a selected card arrive at same positions in two halves of the deck providing that the mental and physical are closely allied.

1. 1st spectator shuffles the deck. This spectator thinks of a card, and using Automatic Placement you get his card to the 26th position.

2. Second spectator cuts the deck into three equal packets. These packets consist of bottom, center and top sections.

3. Second spectator is asked to shuffle the top section, then replace it onto the center section. Next, he shuffles the bottom section, and removes one card from it. He notes it and places it on top of the deck, then places the rest of the bottom section on top of the selected card.

4. Next the deck is given a couple of straight cuts,

5. Performer picks up the deck, cuts it for the 26th Card Faro Check as if to Faro Shuffle; however, changing his mind he merely places the two halves of deck onto the table.

6. At this stage each selection will be the same number of cards down in their respective packet.

7. Have the two cards named. Say, "To prove that the mental and physical are closely allied, I will deal a card face up simultaneously from each half."

8. Continue dealing the cards thus until the named pair show up which will be at the same time.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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