Rise RiseRise Second Method

The effect and the procedure is exactly the same except that a Flat Palm Steal is used in place of an Angle Palm.

1. Proceed exactly as per first method from Step 1 through 4.

2. Having placed the pack face down, show the right hand empty and wave it over the pack as you say, "By merely waving my hand over the deck I will cause the AS to come to the top through the Three of Clubs."

3. Again wave the hand as you say, "Watch". Stop and Side Square the pack with both hands, then immediately the right hand moves over the top of the deck to steal the top card into the Flat Palm. Do not hesitate a moment but continue to wave the right hand over the pack even though the Ace is already seen face up.

4. The right hand now drops to the side with the Flat Palmed card while the left fingers pick off the face up Ace and carry it upwards. In the meantime, the right hand has sleeved its card and can now come up to snap the Ace.

5. The right hand takes the Ace while the left hand moves down to pick off the Three of Clubs. Place the Three of clubs alongside the Ace as you complete the effect with "The Ace of Spades right through the Three of Clubs.'

6. At the earliest moment of convenience, you can easily reload the sleeved card onto the deck.

7. In the event you are seated while doing this second method, it will be found an easy matter, after the initial Flat Palm Steal, to move the right hand back so that right fingertips touch the edge of the table. The palmed card is easily released to fall into the lap.


Before closing, it must be mentioned that the idea of using a Triple Lift in this effect to apparently point up what seems to be the top card, was suggested to us by Robert Veeser, formerly of the U.S. Navy.

Notice also that the Angle Palmed card in most cases is in a position similar to the Mario Palm Position used in connection with a Side Steal and explained fully in Chapter 4.

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