Riffle Shuffle Palm

A palm made during a seemingly innocent riffle shuffle is performed in the fol-lowingmanner:

1. The card to be palmed is on top of the deck. The right hand holds the deck in position for a One Hand Palm, fingers at the outer end and the thumb at the inner end, but no attempt to palm is made at this point. The deck is held with the outer end pointing down and the inner end up.

2. The performer separates and prepares two halves of the deck for a riffle shuffle as follows

The left thumb comes over and splits the deck in half at the inner end, allowing the bottom half of the deck to pivot at the right fingertips, opening the deck like a book. The left thumb drops this end of the half deck to the left second third and fourth fingers. At the same time the left forefinger moves to the top of this half, clipping it between the left forefinger on top and the second, third and fourth fingers beneath. The right fingers still support the opposite or hinged end of this half deck.

3. The left thumb is now free to move to the opposite end of this packet, still resting on the right fingertips, in order to grasp it. At the same time the back of left thumb will be pressing against the face card of the half retained by right hand.

4. The left thumb against the face of right hand packet gives it the needed body for the right hand to do the One Hand Palm. Figure 24 shows the action at this point.

5. Both hands now swing down to the table to riffle shuffle the cards as in Figure 25. As this is being done the right forefinger must move in and curl on top of its packet so that the finger positions of both hands are identical.

6. After the shuffle the cards are squared as follows: The second fingers, of both hands, move across the short ends of the deck while the forefingers ride along the long outside edges. The thumbs are at the back side of the deck and meet the second fingers at the back corners as the squaring action is completed. This squaring action also aids in the decep-tiveness of concealing the fact that cards have been palmed.

To palm several cards using the riffle shuffle it is only needed to pre-jog the amount to be palmed as in Figure 27, then proceed as in the previous steps for one card.

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