Ribbon Spread Palm

This palm is ideal while either sitting or standing at a table. In effect, all you do is ribbon spread the deck yet you can indetectably steal a card into a palm position.

1. Ribbon spread the deck face down onto the table. Both hands now seem to adjust the cards, supposedly either widening or spreading them as in Figure 24.

Figure 24

2. The left hand continues to adjust the cards while the right hand sneaks over to the far right end of the spread where the right little finger comes directly over onto the upper right corner of the uppermost card as in Figure 25,

Figure 25

3. Once the right hand feels the card is in the right position, the right hand merely slides away fromt the spread taking the top card with it as in Figure 26.

The pressure at this point is mostly with the little finger so as not to drag any other cards with it. Of course, the left hand also moves away.

4. It must be remembered that the right hand is not lifted during the steal but actually slides away from the spread and into the position shown in Figure 26 with the fingertips of both hands resting lightly on the table's edge.

5. Once the card has been stolen you are in position to use it in any way desired.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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