Reversed Card

Effect: A reversed card equivoce.

1. Proceed with any form of Mechanical Estimation which will result in your knowing the estimated position of the selected card from the top of the deck.

2. Suppose the estimated position is 14. Place the deck behind your back or under the table. Now count to the 14th card, without reversing the order of the cards. Turn the 14th card face up and square up the pack.

3. Bring the deck forward face up as you say, "I have reversed a card in the deck. Please name your card."

4. When the card is named spread the deck face up. If the named card is on either side of the reversed card, point out that you placed a reversed card right next to his.

5. If the named card is not on either side of the reversed card, then it has to be the reversed card itself. In this case remove the reversed card and turn it face up to show that you reversed the actual selected card.

6. A very strong form of presentation is the following: State definitely that you have placed a reversed card right next to the spectator's card. Do not ask for the name of the card at this stage.

7. Spread the deck face up to where the reversed card is sure to be seen. Spread the cards widely at this place as you say, "See, the reversed card is right next to yours." If the selection is next to the reversed card, the spectator will admit same. If it is not, he will tell you. Ask him if at least you are close. Again he will say, "No". Now ask him what his card was. When he names it, act surprised as you say, "Oh, that is the card I reversed." With this, turn the reversed card face up for the climax.

Here again you have a 3 card lee-way and you should have no trouble in concluding the effect successfully.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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