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1. This is the usual process of taking a packet of cards and jogging the cards upwards and downwards as shown in Figure 72.


2. Figure 72 shows the beginning of what you may perhaps term a Reverse Faro of the In Shuffle type because the lower packet will later be stripped out and placed on top of the outjogged cards thus losing the original top card.

3. To start a Reverse Faro of the In Shuffle type, begin by normally dealing over the top card with left thumb.

4. The right fingers, thumb on top, take this card by its lower right corner.

5. The right hand, still holding onto its card, now moves upwards to the front ofthe deck.

6. The left thumb deals over the second card. This card is taken under the first card, by the right first and second fingers, at its upper right corner.

7. The right hand, now grasping two cards, moves down to the back end of deck in order to take a third card under the two thus continuing this up and down process until the whole pack has been dealt with.

8. With half the cards injogged and half outjogged, the right hand strips out the injogged cards and places them on top ofthe outjogged portion.

9. The practice of stripping out the lower, injogged portion, and placing it on top of the upper, outjogged portion, is always followed. This is because whether the Reverse Faro is an In or Out type depends entirely on how the

Reverse Faro is begun.

10. To get, in effect, a Reverse Faro Out type shuffle, you begin by taking the top card by its upper right corner, then continuing the up and down process in the usual manner.

11. Upon completion you will find that still following the outlined proceedure of stripping out the injogged portion and placing it onto the outjogged cards, that the original top and bottom cards have remained intact thus simulating an Out Shuffle.

12. A Reverse In or Out Shuffle will reverse a previous In or Out Faro Shuffle. This can also be used to prepare for an In or Out Faro Shuffle. Applications for this latter idea will be found in Chapter Seven.

Now, to conclude this chapter with a few capsule observations.

A Faro Shuffle is far superior to any false shuffle when it comes to retaining a full stacked deck in order.

2. In fast company when you have a stacked deck and perform the usual Push Through or Strip Out False Shuffle to retain the order, you are only tipping off your hand to these gents. On the other hand, a Faro is identical in action and performance whether it is used with a stacked deck or without one. In other words, there is no definite tip-off that you may or may not have a stacked pack.

3. If you have mastered the Faro you can use it in partial set-ups to even greater advantage.

4. Remember that a Faro Shuffle is in fact actually a fair shuffle if nothing has been, set or prearranged beforehand.

5. After you have mastered the Faro you can take your choice of demonstrating the fact that you can do 8 per-

shuffles to bring a deck back in order and gain a reputation for this alone. You can forego your ego by pretending that although you go thru the motions of a Faro Shuffle, you really can't do it perfectly, in this way adding greatly to those mysteries that depend on the Faro.

You can take my word for it that the fraternal brothers will be more willing to accept the fact that you can't do a

?erfect Faro sooner than that you can. his is all to your advantage ifyou will just grasp it. If you choose to follow the first course, the information in this chapter is sufficient but if you choose the latter course, then by all means study Chapter Seven.

6. Count the cards before you do any Faro effects as there is the slight, chance of a short deck which could cause failure if your tricks depend on a full deck. A pack from which you previously failed to remove the Joker could also cause you trouble. There isn't any reason why, with slight changes in calculation, you shouldn't be able to accomplish most of the effects successfully. At any rate, play safe and always check, especially in cases of mathematical card magic.

7. Watch out for Faro Enemies such as dirty old sticky cards with broken corners. Also hot humid weather will cause cards to buckle out of shape as well as get limp and lifeless.

8. To get a 52 card deck back in order you need 8 Out Shuffles; however, you can give the impression of using a mixture, both In and Out Shuffles, by secretly taking the under packet into the right hand, then doing what appears to be an In Shuffle although it is still an Out Shuffle in principle.

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