Pressure Fan Palm

Those cardicians who can make a pressure fan, and in these days it is rare indeed to find one that doesn't, can master the Pressure Fan Palm with very little effort.

The action is one of merely fanning the cards to apparently show that a selected card is somewhere in the pack. A moment later, in closing the fan, the top card is palmed in the right hand. Here are the mechanics.

1. Make a pressure fan in the standard manner. At its completion do not remove the right hand but maintain its position over the top card of the fan. The position of the right hand, after the fan has been completed, is essential to the palm.

2. You will note that in Step 1, the right thumb will be below that of the left while the right four fingers will still be at the top edge of the fan. The left thumb will be holding onto the back base or wheel of the fan. While the left four fingers will be on the face of the fan.

3. While the hands are in the position described in Step 2, the right thumb pulls back the top card, at its inner corner, from under the left thumb as in Figure 19 causing it to buckle away from the rest of the fan.

4. Once the top card has been pulled from under the left thumb, it is released by the right thumb. The right thumb moves over against the side of the right forefinger. The top card will now be held, in a slightly buckled condition, between the left thumb at the lower left corner and the right four fingers at the top edge.

5. The right hand now swings the top card towards the left end of fan, the right fingers rubbing against the top edge of the fan. The left thumb forms the base of the arc the top card describes.

6. When the right hand, pivoting the top card to the left, reaches the left side of the fan, it curls as normal to engage this side to close the fan from left to right. As this action is made, the top card, in the right hand, will swing free of the left thumb and into the right palm.

7. The fan is closed and the right hand taps the back end of the cards square with the backs of the right fingers. The pack can then be retaken with the right hand.

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